Screening March 6 & 7, 2021
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By Jennifer Boles, 2020

A haunting animation of an institutional glass-plate photo archive documenting the reverse-engineering of the Chicago River and the invisible histories and legacies of our capital-driven landscapes
Valeria Meiller & Agustín Schang, 2020

The Case of Meat explores manifold stories behind the meat industry in Argentina. Taking off from the personal narrative of Tata Moya, an ex-worker at a slaughtering facility in the Argentine pampas, this film opens the curtain on an industry socially designed to remain out of sight. Working against the common assumption of the slaughterhouse as a space designed to confine and conceal the violent encounter between butchers and cattle, the video delves into the complex cultural tales of a country known worldwide for its meat production and steak culture. What if meat isn’t separated from cattle? What if humans and animals are part of the same overarching narrative? By looking at disparate stories surrounding cattle and meat, The Case of Meat speculates about modes of kinship with other species, their role as co-workers and co-habitants of our world, and the making of a common history.

Nancy Valladares, 2020

Shot with an electronic microscope, The Density of Breath is a meditation on vegetal agency, plant exchanges and botanical representation. Millions of years after seeds learned to move in the currents of the ocean and the wind, to float on water and air, to become the first stowaways and hitchhikers, human colonial networks of exchange were strengthened as maritime travel developed. In pursuit of plant matter and the expansion of the human visual apparatus, technologies of plant transportation and representation marked a pivotal ecological and cognitive shift in various geographies around the globe. Self-titled naturalists and explorers like Alexander Von Humboldt became the de-facto authors of western botanical history. And yet, we know that history can be traced through other paths, agencies and lenses. What do seeds know about the flavor of the atmosphere; about the texture of the air and its currents, about its ebbs and flows?